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More Leg Room & 946 Fewer Gallons of Gas per Year

As a parent of adult children I find it fun to learn from my “kids”. When my oldest got a hybrid SUV I was amazed as he drove off without starting the gas engine. Was this an SUV or a golf cart? How cool is this I thought.  Less pollution, save on gas… count me in.

Online research led me down to the Toyota dealership. With a healthy amount of skepticism I decided to see what the Prius is all about.

Wow, it was roomier than my Lexus SUV, it drove well, the sport mode was fast, like my briefly owned Mini Cooper, the handling was good, the visibility was great.  50 MPG, I was SOLD.

My wife, Kathy, was the next to be bit by the Prius bug. She would take the Prius on days she was going all over town. After a month she decided to sell her Subaru SUV, we now have FRED & WILMA, a red and a white Prius.

We are averaging 54 miles per gallon and as a family burning 946 fewer gallons of gas per year.  Samantha, Kieran & Katelyn, our grandchildren, have cleaner air to breathe. Happy 40th Anniversary Honey.