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Sandbridge Beach Civic League

The Sandbridge Civic League is proud to announce the opening of its very own website. The offical website of the Sandbridge Beach Civic League is Please visit this site often to find out what’s new in Sandbridge, meeting dates & times, special events, news items and more.

To join the Sandbridge Beach Civic League please email: [email protected]. or contact Nicole Roper at 757-724-4200.

By way of information about the Civic League. Sandbridge has a very active civic league. Membership is open to those owning a house, condo or undeveloped land within the boundaries of Sandbridge Beach, VA.

$15 annual dues to provide several benefits. 10 times per year the Sandbridge Beach Newsletter is mailed to each member. Monthly membership meetings are held at the Sandbridge Beach Community Center which is part of Sandbridge United Methodist Chapel. A membership directory is printed and distributed annually to each member. Each member gets 2 tickets to the annual Octoberfest gathering, food, drink and entertainment provided.

The League maintains active involvement with Virginia Beach city government. Active and pro-active stances are taken on issues effecting Sandbridge. Occasionally members incorrectly refer to the League as the Sandbridge Beach Civic Association.

If you qualify for membership this is the best $15/year investment you can make to become knowledgeable and supportive of your community. Sign up today!!