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Sandbridge Real Estate for Sale

Houses for Sale, Condominiums for Sale, Land for Sale, Campground units for Sale. Almost everywhere you look in the Sandbridge community of Virginia Beach you can find property for sale.

To the casual observer vacationing for the week at our clean outer banks beach it would appear to be a buyers’ market. Houses selling in less than a month, Inventory of houses is down 25-30% from the slowest period would contradict this thought. However inventory of condos is about the same, and could be worse if a certain activity occurs. There is more land for sale than we have seen in a long time, since buyers can purchase an existing home for less than the buying land and building from the ground up.

By comparison to the amount of inventory for sale in towns like, Duck NC, Corrolla NC, Kitty Hawk NC and the rest of the outer banks of North Carolina we have a tiny inventory.

Select REALTORS from those who work Sandbridge daily, we have our fingers on the pulse of this small market. A smaller market is more difficult to assess using pure statistics. Real Estate agents who sell home here infrequently can’t have the same sense of what is happening.

Any professional who does the same procedure several times per week is sure to have an advantage over the professional who does that procedure infrequently………….hmmm who would be best to guide you in the major investment?