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Sandbridge House Sales Double in July


Twice as many homes were sold in Sandbridge, VA. in July compared to July 2011. These results continue the record setting monthly trend. In addition to doubling the number of recorded home sales the Sales Price compared to List Price improved from 91% to 95%.

Semi-Oceanfront houses were the market leader with 50% of sales occurring on the Oceanview side of Sandfiddler Road. Oceanfront houses had been the bulk of recent sales, this switch to semi-ocean is logical as buyers see attractive pricing migrating across the street.

The Oceanfront home that sold this month had limited North and South oceanviews.  Larger & Newer homes had been built closer to the beach and blocked views up and down the beach for this property.

In addition to the house sales for July we had an undeveloped oceanfront lot sell this month. This lot, at 3344 Sandfiddler Road sold for $620,000.

Address Sale Price Bed- Baths Square Pool Water- Date
rooms Feet front Closed
3413 SANDFIDDLER RD     720,000 5 4.0    2,560 Yes No 7/20/2012
2425 SANDFIDDLER RD     809,000 6 4.5    3,098 No No 7/20/2012
3364 SANDPIPER RD     660,000 7 4.0    3,550 Yes No 7/13/2012
3208 SANDFIDDLER RD     745,000 5 2.5    1,934 No Yes 7/16/2012
331 PIKE CIR     886,000 5 3.5    4,280 Yes Yes 7/3/2012
2461 SANDFIDDLER RD     988,500 4 4.0    4,523 No No 7/31/2012

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