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Save $7,400 Year on Beach House Flood Insurance Premium

Sandbridge, Virginia couple saves a bundle.

On a recent listing appointment with a Sandbridge oceanfront homeowner the subject of Flood Insurance premiums came up. The property owner casually mentioned they paid about $8,000 per year for their flood insurance. They looked at my surprised expression and asked how much I paid. When I said under $700 they nearly fell off their chairs.

I am happy to report they contacted a new insurance agent and are now paying $7,400 less per year for the same amount of coverage. While they were on this money saving roll they changed agencies for their hazard insurance and saved a big % also.

The concept that flood premiums are set by the governemt leads consumers to accept high premiums. Many times those charges are justified however if they aren’t why waste your money.

This couple just returned from a great family vacation paid for by these savings!!

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