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Supply and Demand Favor Sandbridge Home Owners

5 miles versus 250 miles, that’s one way to compare The Outer Banks of Virginia to The Outer Banks of North Carolina. Sandbridge Beach, aka: The Outer Banks of Virginia is only 5 mile top to bottom.

With less than 2,000 homes & condos, supply of secluded beach homes or condos in this southernmost section of Virginia is very limited.  The demand for this limited supply is growing as residents of the heavily populated region 2-3 hours to our North and Richmond area residents to West realize how nice Sandbridge has become.

Compare this limited supply to the 250 mile long string of beach that constitutes North Carolina’s Outer Banks. I have personally known two OBX vacation home owners complete 1031 tax deferred exchanges of the NC OBX homes for Sandbridge investment homes.

The favorable supply – demand curve favors both Sandbridge rental income and potential price appreciation.