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Ensure Your Windows are Secure

When you want the piece of mind of knowing your home is protected against burglars and intruders, you will most likely want to have a security company install alarms and monitoring devices. But, there are some things you can do that don’t require a security company. Earlier we talked about securing doors. Today, let’s take a look at window security.

3020545999_2d644a980b_mPotential intruders are going to look for the easiest way to get inside your home. Open or unlocked windows, hidden from observers, on the ground floor, are always their best bet. Beyond that, windows that are easy to break or force open will be a target. It’s a great idea to take a security survey of your home to determine what can be done to improve security.

Take a walk around your house and make a list of all windows and glass doors. Do they have locks? Are they secure in their frames? Are their frames secure? Are the windows hidden from neighbors or the street? Can you see expensive items through the windows? Wherever you see a yes to one of those questions, that’s an opportunity for you to make improvements.

Perhaps the most sure fire way to secure a window is to install a metal window guard. Unfortunately, there are drawbacks, not the least of which is the unappealing look. And of course, you won’t be able to get out of a barred window in an emergency situation.

In addition to standard locks, interior pin locks or key bolts are an excellent way to keep windows from moving in their frames. Wooden dowels or PVC pipe can keep sliding doors or windows from being opened. Make sure the frames themselves are not rotten or corroded. Replace any that are with the best quality material you can afford. Tempered Glass and Plexiglas are stronger than regular glass, and should be a serious consideration for your most vulnerable windows.

Here’s some more ideas to consider:

  • Install Motion-sensitive floodlights.
  • Trim greenery to keep windows visible from the street.
  • Plant roses or thorny bushes under windows.
  • Keep expensive, valuable items out of sight through the windows.
  • Or Use curtains or translucent security film to block the view inside.
  • A dog that barks might keep you up at night, but might also scare burglars away.
  • Add inexpensive Window break alarms.
  • Remember to lock your windows.
  • Don’t forget basement and garage windows!

For more information, State Farm offers this overview.

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