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Sandbridge Beach, VA Real Estate Sales March 2013

There were 7 houses recorded as Closed Sales in Sandbridge for March, 2013. This is significantly above the 3 houses that closed in March of 2012.

When we talk about what has sold in Sandbridge for the past month we need to be on the same page. You may have heard discussions about how many houses sold recently. When a contract to purchase real estate is agreed to by the Buyer and Seller it is often referred to as a sale. This is an optimistic look at what should happen if all goes well.

For the purpose of reviewing sales contracts that went all the way to closing we look at which houses transferred title. The money was actually exchanged for the keys. We call these “Closed Sales”.

The house that closed averaged $844,571 and 3,357 square feet. These houses averaged 6 bedrooms and 4 baths, which is fairly typical in Sandbridge.  The high sale this month was $1,275,000.