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Multi-Year Plan for Selling Your Sandbridge Vacation Home

Articles about staging a home for sale appear frequently in newspapers. What you won’t see in your local paper is how to maximize profit on selling a vacation house or condo. Maximizing your net profit from selling a vacation beach house requires planning ahead, several years if possible.

In addition to the traditional “sprucing up” any home requires rental properties have an income component that needs attention well before placing the property for sale. You may be comfortable with the level of income your property yields but many buyers will be more interested in a rental unit with above average income. There is very little downside to increasing your gross rent, even buyers who don’t want to rent will see this as an additional feature if the need ever arises.

A few years before you sell ask what can I do to increase the profitability of my rental? Call me to discuss ways to reduce expenses and boost revenue of your Sandbridge house or condo. Owning 2 rental properties, working with numerous owners of other units as well as learning the tricks of the trade from Siebert Realty staff members have given me a wealth of knowledge that I am happy to share with you.

As a former business broker I know how business oriented buyers analyze businesses, call me, I’d love to help you maximize your net profit.