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Ikea Introduces Furniture You Can Charge Your Smartphone On

Have you ever been sitting on the couch, or laying in bed and all of a sudden, just when you get comfortable, you get the dreaded “low battery” pop up on your phone? Well now its never been easier to charge your phone. No wires, no getting up, no struggle! You can now charge your phone by simply placing it on your end table.

Ikea recently unveiled a new furniture series that allows you to wirelessly charge most mobile devices. “The collection includes tables, desks and lamps which have wireless charging pads in them. The wireless charging works through an energy induction transfer. The furniture itself needs to be connected to a power source. The collection will hit the shelves of Ikea shops in Europe and North America on April, 15, followed by a global roll-out.” How cool is that? You will never have to deal with the cable mess, finding the right charger or moving with this new technology!

Ikea will equip its new range of furniture with this “Qi-certified” wireless chargers and will also sell kits to equip to existing furniture for about $30. You can now have the latest technology right in your nightstand or end table. This would also make a great addition to a Sandbridge Beach rental home that guests would love! If you want to find out more about this latest technology, read the full article below!