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Best Fall Buys, Big Ticket Items

Fall has some of the best deals on big ticket items. Now is the time to save!



After the summertime travel season calms down and now is not only smart to buy your holiday airfares but it will save you a ton of money. Not only on airfare, but also on cruises and hotels. Europe is an ideal destination as the U.S. dollar continues to be strong against the Euro.



When the new 2016 models hit the lots in early fall (i.e., now), dealers roll out all sorts of incentives on older models, such as cashback incentives and low- or no-interest financing. If you are happy with the older models, this can save you big bucks!



Grills and patio furniture

After Labor Day, prices on grills get slashed by up to 50 percent. And that’s significant, considering that top-of-the-line models can easily exceed $1,000. Fall has huge savings, sometimes over 50%, selection is limited though so keep an eye out and purchase sooner rather than later in the Fall.

As for patio furniture, expect discounts on any remaining summer inventory of up to 85 percent in October and into November.

patio furn

Household appliances

Historically, fall is the best time to buy most major household appliances, with the exception of refrigerators (wait until May). After all, this is when older models need to be cleared out to make room for the new.

Dishwashers, stoves and washer/dryer sets are usually marked down by about 20 percent. Prices may be slashed by as much as 90 percent on clearance items.


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