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What Every Investor Should Know Before Buying a Vacation Home in Sandbridge, VA

buy a vacation home in sandbridge


Sandbridge Beach is an incredible place to own a vacation property. The area has nice beaches but isn’t full of tourist attractions. It can make buying a vacation home in Sandbridge a great investment.

But there is more to owning a vacation home than relaxing in a beach community. It is a major purchase, and there are things you should know.

Read this post to learn what you should know before investing in a Sandbridge vacation home.

Buying a Vacation Home in Sandbridge

Plans for the Property

A vacation property is an investment, but you might have plans beyond investing. A vacation home in Sandbridge can be an investment because it will appreciate over time. However, it can also be an investment because you could plan to generate income by renting it out. Some buyers might plan to use the vacation home occasionally and rent it out when they are not there. Your plans for the property will affect your buying decisions.

Costs of Ownership

The costs of owning a second home can be considerable. You have your down payment and mortgage as obvious costs. Property taxes are another cost of owning a vacation home in Sandbridge. You will have to insure the home as well. Insurance costs might vary depending on your plans for the property. The costs of maintenance are also a consideration. Costs for maintenance and utilities may also vary if you rent the home out.

Property Upkeep

There is more to managing and maintaining a vacation property than the costs. You will need someone to go to the house to handle these issues. If your primary residence is not that far, you

might be able to handle these issues on your own. However, it might be beneficial to hire a management company. If you are renting the property out, a management company can handle most of the work for you. Siebert Realty is the oldest & largest management company serving Sandbridge.

Local Rules

Don’t assume you can rent your property out. There are rules and regulations concerning short-term rentals. Some rules are citywide, and others are specific to neighborhoods. You need to research these rules before buying a property if rental income is part of the plan.

Rental Seasons

You also shouldn’t assume the property will always have renters whenever you are not there. Sandbridge has peak tourism seasons, just like any other vacation destination. You will likely see the highest demand from late May to early September. The home might also attract renters in spring and fall. Winters will be much slower. However, if you adjust your prices, you might attract the occasional renter in the off-season.

Vacation Homes in Sandbridge

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