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Thriving in a Competitive Sandbridge Vacation Rental Market: Insights for Property Owners

Sandbridge vacation home

The Sandbridge vacation rental market is highly competitive, with an average cost of $1.25M. Many Sandbridge property owners are investing in short-term rentals. In Virginia Beach alone, there are 1,861 short-term stays with an occupancy rate of 63% at an average $314 daily rate.

For property owners to thrive in the Sandbridge vacation rental market, they need to maximize the high demand for rentals this season. Excellent customer service and one-of-a-kind experiences make renters stay longer and get good reviews on your property.

Here are a few tips for building unique and unmatched service for vacation renters.

Tips to Thrive in the Sandbridge Vacation Rental Market

Practice Hospitability and Responsibility

Good customer service follows the triple bottom line: “People, Planet, and “Profit.” Profit is part of every property owner’s agenda, but other priorities exist. Customers come first, and taking the initiative to answer inquiries immediately and assist potential renters’ needs makes the difference. Communication goes a long way, so add some magic words and treat customers kindly. Meet and greet them on their visit and add some welcome drinks and new stock for home use. It’s also a good idea to check your home for needed repairs. The last thing you want is negative reviews that draw potential customers away! If ever there is a displeased customer, apologize and make it up to them somehow.

Offer Personalized Tours

Adding personalized tours to your vacation home maximizes your profit. You can drive customers to their preferred destination and offer guided tours to nearby attractions. Add unique experiences to your time, such as fishing in Little Island Park, exploring the wildlife at Back Bay, and playing golf at Hell’s Point. Other interesting spots include the Mermaid Factory, Back Bay Brewing Company, and good-old Virginia Beach. Visitors can try stand-up paddle boarding on the beach as well.

Create Multiple Attractive Listings

Creating attractive and easy-to-read listings of your vacation home across channels and social media helps you reach potential renters faster. Make sure to be precise and direct to the point when creating your vacation home listing. Avoid spammy texts or emojis and ask help from professional Realtors to build an accurate and helpful listing.

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