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False Cape State Park: Camping, Hiking, Biking, and Beyond

False Cape State Park

False Cape State Park is a destination for people who enjoy nature and recreation. Visitors can take in the stunning scenery and observe the park’s wildlife. You can enter the park on foot, bicycle, or paddle craft. This post will cover some outdoor recreation opportunities in False Cape State Park.

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Experience Outdoor Recreation in False Cape State Park


One way to access this park is through biking. The park offers several miles of biking trails to explore. However, it is best to have a bike and tires that can handle the terrain.


You can find many hiking trails in the park. The options include easy walking trails and ones with rougher terrain. Investigate trails in the park to find the right ones for you.


Kayaking is another way to enjoy nature activity. The park is next to Back Bay, which is great for kayaking. It is an interesting way to experience the park’s natural beauty and wildlife. You can also bring your kayak or rent one from nearby rental companies.


Cherish the opportunity for a rugged and immersive outdoor experience. Camping is available year-round, but you must make a reservation. Plan ahead because they do not allow same-day reservations.


The park is a paradise for people who love fishing. You can fish in the ocean or bay from the park. Just make sure to take all your trash with you before you leave. You’ll also need a fishing license.

Wildlife Viewing

False Cape State Park is full of wildlife. You can see birds, foxes, raccoons, and sea turtles. Make sure to maintain a safe distance when viewing wildlife. It is for your safety as well as the animals. Never approach or feed wild animals.

Wash Woods Cemetery

You can explore this historical site, which dates back to the late 1800s and early 1900s. The cemetery is a remnant of an old town that used to be at the location. Make sure to adhere to the park’s rules and recommendations.

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