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8 Winter Beach Activities for Families

Winter Beach Activities

Have you ever thought there’s nothing to do at the beach during winter? Think again! Sandbridge, Virginia, comes alive with a unique charm during the colder months. This post will cover winter beach activities to try this year.

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8 Winter Beach Activities for Families

1. Beach Play

Most people will want to avoid the water during winter, but a day at the beach can still be fun. With the right gear, your family can enjoy building sand structures and playing on the beach even in the colder months. Just dress appropriately and bring some hand warmers.

2. Play Some Ball

While summer may bring out the beach volleyball nets, winter doesn’t mean you have to stay inside. Play football, paddleball, volleyball, or any other sport to keep the cold at bay. The wide-open winter beach is your playground!

3. Treasure Hunt

Winter is the perfect time for a treasure hunt. With fewer people around, your chances of finding beach treasures increase. Grab a bucket or a metal detector, and you might discover some amazing finds.

4. Have A Picnic

Don’t limit beach picnics to the dog days of summer. Pack your favorite cold-weather dishes, like chili, soup, or stews, and hot beverages. Bring chairs and blankets, and create unforgettable memories while enjoying a winter beach picnic.

5. Get Out the Fishing Rod

Sandbridge Beach is a haven for anglers. Explore popular fishing spots, including the Little Island Pier. The Sandbridge Pier is a popular choice if you prefer shore fishing. Fishing with your kids can be a memorable family experience despite the cool weather.

6. Surf in the Ocean

Put on your wetsuit and ride the waves! Winter is an excellent time for surfing at Sandbridge Beach. The water might be cold, but there are fewer people in the water.

7. Whale Watching

Virginia Beach becomes a prime spot for whale watching from December to March. During this time, the migration of humpback whales is a must-see. Book a chartered boat or keep your eyes peeled from the shoreline. It’s a breathtaking experience that your family will cherish.

8. Build A Bonfire

Imagine bundling on warm blankets with hot drinks and world-class s’mores, all with the sea as your backdrop. Unfortunately, the City of Virginia Beach doesn’t allow open flames on the beaches, including Sandbridge Beach. But worry not; there are designated firepit areas and campgrounds where you can enjoy the magic of a bonfire.

Ready for winter beach fun?

Bundle up and head to Sandbridge Beach this winter! Even though the weather is cooler, these activities provide several ways to enjoy the outdoors.

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