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Oceanfront vs. Bayfront: Which Beachfront Property Suits You

Beachfront Property

When choosing a beachfront property in Sandbridge, the decision often boils down to one key question: oceanfront or bayfront? Both offer breathtaking waterfront views but cater to different lifestyles and preferences. Read on to learn about factors to consider when choosing between oceanfront and bayfront properties.

Sandbridge Real Estate Market Watch

As of October 2023, the average price per square foot of a home in Sandbridge, VA, is $398. However, real estate trends can change quickly. Contact Charlie Kelly for help buying and selling homes in the Sandbridge Beach area.

Oceanfront vs. Bayfront: Choosing Your Beachfront Property

Sandbridge Geographical Location

While technically part of Virginia Beach, Sandbridge is more than a mere geographical extension. It’s a tranquil escape over 15 miles south of the bustling Virginia Beach Boardwalk. This distance makes a big difference. It makes Sandbridge a quieter place that feels a world apart from the rest of the city.

Sandbridge Beach is not just a part of the mainland. It’s a distinctive spit of land that extends between two bodies of water. There is the Atlantic to the east and Back Bay to the west. Despite its connection to the mainland, Sandbridge captures the essence of an island. It feels secluded and exclusive.


Living on the coast promises a lifestyle enriched by water activities. Still, the choice between oceanfront and bayfront brings distinct flavors.

Oceanfront living caters to adventurous souls, with neighborhoods bustling with activity. It’s perfect for surfers, swimmers, and beach enthusiasts.

Bayfront living, in contrast, is a haven for those seeking a more laid-back existence. It’s an ideal setting for retirees, families, or individuals who enjoy tranquil bay sunsets. Boating, fishing, and kayaking enthusiasts find their sanctuary in the bay’s calm waters.

Property Value

The value of beachfront properties in Sandbridge depends on various factors. Both oceanfront and bayfront homes present unique investment opportunities.

Oceanfront properties command higher prices due to their direct access to the ocean, unobstructed views, and the vibrant oceanfront lifestyle. Beyond personal residence, oceanfront homes make sound investments as vacation rental properties. They attract tourists seeking a beachfront experience.

While also desirable, bayfront homes often come at a more accessible price point. Their luxurious appeal lies in spacious waterfront estates and upscale single-family homes that offer scenic bay views.

Many bayfront properties feature private docks and boat slips, enhancing their value for boating and water sports. Though less busy, the bayfront lifestyle holds its charm and exclusivity.

Budget Considerations

Oceanfront properties are generally more expensive than bayfront properties. Beyond being more expensive to buy, they also tend to be more expensive to maintain. While less expensive, bayfront properties offer a comparable waterfront living experience at a more affordable cost.

Which beachfront suits you?

Deciding between oceanfront and bayfront living means thinking about what each offers. It depends on your preferences. Think about the life you want—crashing waves or the peaceful bay. Your dream beach home is waiting.

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