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6 Sandbridge Beach Activities for Families

Beach Activities for Families

Planning for a perfect family vacation with tons of fun? Well, Sandbridge Beach in Virginia is your dream come true! Beyond the sun and sand, there are loads of cool things for families to do. Let’s check out six beach activities for families visiting Sandbridge!

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Best Beach Activities for Families in Sandbridge

1. Beach Fun

What’s a beach vacation without the beach itself? Sandbridge Beach stands out for its cleanliness and spaciousness. It provides the perfect setting for family fun. Unwind, collect seashells, and watch for dolphins playing in the morning waves. With public access, restrooms, and convenient parking, a day at Sandbridge Beach is effortlessly enjoyable.

2. Kayak Adventures

Take your family adventure to the waters! Enjoy both the bay and the ocean through exhilarating kayaking experiences. You can explore the diverse ecosystems and spot wildlife while on the water.

3. Little Island Park Fun

Right next to Sandbridge Beach is Little Island Park, a family haven. Picture this: a big playground, covered picnic spots, and a clean beach for sandcastle building and swimming. And don’t forget the pier—a perfect spot for fishing with the kids.

4. Wildlife Safari

Embark on a wildlife adventure with the Blue Goose Express at Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Spot ospreys, turtles, and seals during this tram tour. Plan ahead, as reservations can ensure access to one of these trips.

5. The Military Aviation Museum

If your family loves planes, the Military Aviation Museum is a must-visit. It’s like a giant airplane playground with planes from WWI and WWII. Check out the cool gift shop too!

6. Dino Discovery at Jerassic Park

The Military Aviation Museum has a cool outdoor spot called “Jerassic Park.” If you’re feeling adventurous, walk around, spot big dinosaur statues, and grab a free scavenger hunt at the gift shop. It’s like a dino treasure hunt. Your kids will love it!

Ready for the best family vacation at Sandbridge Beach?

Check out these awesome activities guaranteed to create unforgettable memories. It doesn’t matter which one you choose first; they’re all fun!

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