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Things to Do Before Renting Out Your Sandbridge Vacation Home

Sandbridge Vacation Home

A Sandbridge vacation home can be your own little slice of this idyllic beach community. However, there is a good chance the house will be empty much of the time. Renting it out could be a way to make money instead of letting the home sit empty. You just need to take your time to learn about operating a vacation rental.

This post will cover what you need to do before renting out your vacation home in Sandbridge.

Sandbridge Real Estate Market Watch

As of this writing, the median price per square foot of a home in Sandbridge, VA, is $392. However, real estate data changes daily. If you need to buy or sell a home in Sandridge, VA, please click here to contact us.

What to do Before Renting Out Your Sandbridge Vacation Home

Prepare the Property

You can’t just list your property for bookings the way you left it after your last trip there. The home needs a little preparation so it can be ready for guests. Clean the home and tend to any repairs. You should also consider removing or securing valuables and personal items. Preparation can help you get a higher price while ensuring a better guest experience.

Develop a Maintenance Plan

Vacation rentals need maintenance. As a start, you need to consider cleaning between guests. You also have things like lawn care, basic repairs, inspections, and more. Someone also needs to be available if guests call with problems. If you live in the area, you might be able to handle this on your own. However, hiring a company that does property management might be worthwhile.

Learn Local Laws and Regulations

Before listing your home, you must know the laws governing short-term rentals. There are laws concerning maintenance and cleaning. You also need to learn about the necessary permits and taxes. Some neighborhoods might also ban or have specific rules concerning vacation rentals. You may even want to consult an attorney before you start taking bookings.

Landlord Insurance

You’ll need to consider upgrades to your insurance before listing the property. Homeowner’s insurance might not cover everything you’ll need when renting to vacationers. Landlord’s insurance can protect you from liability claims, property damage, theft, and more.

Set Prices

Rent prices are also an important consideration. You want to generate enough income to make it worthwhile. However, you might not get any bookings if you charge too much. Research the local market for vacation rentals. Look for homes similar to yours in Sandbridge and see what they charge. You can also adjust prices for different amenities and features. It is also important to note that rental rates should change with the seasons.

Renting out your Sandbridge vacation home can be a way to make a little extra money. However, you must be careful and know what to do before starting. The tips in this post will help you on your way.

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